About Us

Msengoni Homestays is a homestay promotion service which seeks to foster inter-cultural exchange by placing the accommodation of tourists in the hands of East African families.

A homestay is a type of accommodation niche in which tourists chose to reside with host families in the destination country. Through direct contact with a host family, the international visitor can get to know about the norms, culture and social structure of the country from the perspective of a normal family and at the same time get the opportunity to make life long friends.

What We Do

Msengoni Homestays seeks to make this process easier by facilitating the contact between the international visitor and East African families via the Msengoni Homestays web portal.

Kenyan Homestays are host families who have been selected and visited so as to ensure that they meet the standards that our guests desire and will provide an enriching experience. Our people have met the families and stayed in all of the homestays before proposing them to our guests.

Visitors looking for a host family need only fill in the guest form and sit back as they watch their homestay holiday unfold courtesy of Msengoni Homestays who will be at hand to ensure that your stay is to your satisfaction.

Our aim is to ensure that your accommodation experience will deliver on the true beauty and nature of our land... Kenya. We hope you have a great time.

Homestay Holiday

The experience delivered by homestays differs depending on mostly the location of the home and sometimes ethnicity of the host family which influences language and food served in the home. In Mombasa, one is certain to visit the beach, eat spicy dishes accompanied with rice and get bombarded by the pure Swahili spoken all around them while the situation completely changes if one were to visit Nakuru as they may opt to pass by Lake Nakuru National Park, eat traditional foods like Mukimo or learn an indigenous language like Maasai.

All in all, hosts strive to ensure that guests enjoy their holiday by organising activities that are enjoyable and provide an enriching experience which is stripped of the boredom of the usual accommodation experience by presenting visitors an intimate look into the Kenya psyche and culture.

At the very end, our guests are given a chance to leave Kenya a little greener by planting a tree and posting a blog about their homestay holiday on the Kenyan Homestays Blog. This goes hand in hand with our aim of ensuring that guests minimise their impact on the environment and assisting them make eco-friendly choices when options are present.