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Omondi's Homestay, Nairobi

Ground Floor BedroomMarion, her sister Dawn and their mother Celine live in a storied house in Buruburu, reputed as the largest residential estate in the Eastland’s area of Nairobi. Having hosted guests a couple of times, they are used to having international visitors to interact with and samely learn from each other on various aspects of their different cultures. Family interests include but are not limited to travelling, cooking & baking, reading novels & poetry and dancing.

In Marion’s own words...The guests get to experience a different culture, be part of a loving family whilst learning different recipes from Africa, seeing as I’m a very good cook :-)

This homestay has two available rooms with 1 free bedroom on the ground floor and upper floor. The first bedroom is neatly furnished with two beds, closet, reading desk, chair and a lamp shade. It also has a shared bathroom which is available to guests. The second guest room located on the upper floor also has 2 beds offering the same furnishings and level of comfort.

Transport to the CBD will be by public transport (Bus or Matatu) which costs no more than 70/= during the rush hour to and fro. Please check out “Getting around in Kenya | Transportation options” to learn more about the options which are available to you.

Buruburu’s reputation is not just limited to being the largest estate but also being the birthplace of Sheng, the slang spoke by many urban youth in Nairobi. The fact that all major banks have branches/ATMS while supermarkets are in plenty is testament to the large number of people living in the area. At the same time, learning Sheng will be a breeze as the two sisters are well versed in Swahili & Sheng and will be more than happy to pass on a few up to date words.


  • Sight-seeing at Nairobi National Park
  • Visit the Nairobi National Museum
  • Visit the Kenya National Library Service - Buruburu Branch
  • Get kissed by a Giraffe at the Giraffe Centre
  • Visit the Safari Walk and get to have a picnic in the wild at KWS
  • Meat lovers can travel to Olepolos to enjoy some good Nyama Choma a few kms outside Nairobi
  • Learn a few Sheng words
  • Buy presents at the Maasai Market


  • 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and built in wardrobe/closet
  • 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and plenty of wardrobe space
  • Living room has DVD plus surround system for a pleasant Friday movie night

Tattle Titbits

Guests Only female guests aged over 25 years / Couples can be considered
Alcohol Allowed occasionally
Smoking Allowed outside the house
Children Not allowed
Pets Not allowed
Curfew Preferably in by 7.00pm Additional guests from outside not allowed unless arranged in advance.
Meals Full board or Breakfast & dinner provided.
Car hire Taxi on call
Laundry Free laundry per machine load

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