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Rangers in the Aberdares, Nyeri

High up in the Aberdares is the location of this farm stay in the general Nyeri area.This 3 bedroom house is on a 6 acre farm where Melvin Wahome lives with his wife and 3 children. Their farm offers great organic food in addition to products from chicken, cows, goats and rabbits.

The tranquility high up in the mountains is great for those who have no interest in the hustle and bustle of the town. One is spoilt for choice in this homestay on sights to visit as Aberdares National Park which covers the higher areas of the Aberdares Mountain Ranges is a 20 minute drive away. Catch the elusive leopard, watch buffalo fights or spy on elephants around the watering hole. The area was also the headquarters of the Mau Mau in the 1950s with General Dedan Kimathi’s hideout a place to check out. Treetops Lodge, where Princess Ellzabeth became Queen of the United Kingdom is easily accessible for lunch or just to see the hotel built on trees.


  • Visit the Aberdares National Park
  • Have lunch at Treetops Lodge
  • Hike up Mt. Kenya
  • Volunteer in the local schools
  • Milk cows for your breakfast tea
  • Collect eggs & feed the chicken
  • Great hiking landscape in the farm environs


  • 1 bedroom with twin beds and wardrobe
  • Furnished with, Computer, Easy chair & Table
  • Kitchen available for guest use
  • House equipped with 3G Modem

Tattle Titbits

Alcohol Allowed
Smoking Allowed outside the house
Children Allowed
Pets Allowed
Curfew Preferably in by 10 p.m.
Meals Breakfast & dinner provided / 3 meals provided
Transport Available on request
Laundry Water, buckets and soap provided

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