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Pisgar Homestay, Nairobi

Just along Langata Road and approximately 20 minutes away from the airport is Pisgar Homestay. This is a modern, cosy and comfortable homestay which is run by the primary host, Winfred Gitonga who is occasionally assisted by her daughter who lives a couple of minutes away.pisgar homestay

Winnie is fully experienced in offering homestays having lived in the US and Germany,working in various jobs while also hosting guests. She decided to come back home, spend time with loved ones and work on hosting short stay tourists, guests & friends who intend to visit Kenya on tour , safari, voluntary work, study, cultural and educational exchange.

Pisgar Homestay is duly registered and recognized by the Government of the Republic of Kenya under the homestay license afforded by the ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism as a credible homestay qualified to host tourists and guests who wish to immerse themselves into the rich and diverse Kenyan culture and enhance the benefits of tourism to the local communities of Kenya.

Winnie’s Homestay is not a commercialized entity but an owner occupied private residence offered to a few paying guests who enjoy staying in the comfort and security of a family home for an extended period of time. It offers safe & affordable housing for visitors looking to experience a relaxed atmosphere and accommodation while learning the hosts lifestyle as well as the cultural briefs and values of Kenyans.

This homestay is conveniently located within walking distance of T-Mall shopping mall while Nairobi National Park is only 10 minutes drive from the homestay. The same time distance also applies to the Bomas Cultural Centre, with the Tree place, Mamba Village and Giraffe Centre further up. Should one be interested in a night of partying and letting loose, Carnivore restaurant is less than 15 minutes’ drive from the homestay.


  • Visit the Nairobi National Park
  • Check out the Bomas Cultural Centre for traditional dances and performing arts
  • Catch a local football game at Nyayo National Stadium
  • Take the KWS nature trail
  • Go ice skating at Panari Sky Centre
  • Do some leisure shopping at T-Mall or Uchumi Supermarket
  • Go swimming at Splash Water Park
  • Dance the night away at Carnovore Restaurant


  • Master bedroom ensuite with queen size bed available for couples who could be accompanied by children
  • 2 bedrooms each ensuite with twin beds, wardrobe and hot shower
  • 1 exclusive bedroom with wardrobe and balcony
  • Fully equipped kitchen available for guest use
  • House equipped with Wi-Fi Internet

Tattle Titbits

Alcohol Not allowed
Smoking Not allowed
Children Allowed
Pets Allowed but under personal care of guest
Curfew Preferably in by 9 p.m.
Meals Lunch & dinner provided on request
Transport Taxi cab available on request
Laundry Washing machine

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